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Jeg bruger altid noget af min ferie på at lytte til podcasts og denne ferie er ikke anderledes. Det er typisk arbejdsrelateret podcasts omkring Scrum, Kanban og Agile, i kraft af jeg selv er produkejer og hele min organisation er gået Scrum.


Jeg dykker lidt ned under overfladen og kigger på mit forhold til estimater.


Jeg håber du har nydt din sommerferie, om du har været i Danmark eller ude i det store udland.

Lad os aflive myten med at der glider strømme af nuller og ettaller ned over hans nethinde. Der bliver heller ikke tænkt i kildekode og typisk heller ikke matematiske formler.

Mit site er nu flyttet til Netlify, som bygger min JekyllRB løsning via CI/CD og hoster den der. Der er indbygget support for Let's Encrypt, så må vi se hvordan det fungere. Manuel vedligehold på egen maskine er for bøvlet.

Alle de værktøjer jeg har skrevet til mig selv, har altid været skrevet i C# og det er der sådan set ikke noget galt i.

This could be bat country, I really don't know. I'm heading into, for me untested waters as a project leader, working with agile methods.

I'm reading a great deal of personal blogs, company blogs, getting inspiration from digests and popular news feeds pertaining my area of expertise. And I would like to share some of the sources I find very interesting. They are in no particular order, preference or grouped by at all.

The Corner Boys

Two dealers of illegal substances standing on a corner trying to make a sale and trying to kill time while waiting.

The facepalm

You may know the Football World Cup logo Brazil 2014 looking like a facepalm and thought to yourself that looked pretty funny.

It's been a month since I [posted]({% post_url 2015-11-01-feed-to-mail %}) the initial version of feed2mail.python and now I have some updates for you.

New phone, maybe

Yes, I know! I'm add it again. There is a a new Windows Phone OS and a new Microsoft Lumia. Since the last price bump for an iPhone 6s I'm having a hard time justifying the price tag. When I look at the Lumia 950xl and the pricing and features it look more what I want from a phone.

Feed to mail

A while back I started [getting anti social]({% post_url 2015-06-14-anti-social %}) and move all my news reading back to feeds and sent them to my email. I used Ifttt for this. It is a pretty good service for getting feeds into your mailbox. You can set up daily or weekly digest of a feed or you can just send a feed entry to you mail when is it posted. But what didn't work as well were the mails I received eg. I can not change the layout of these mails. Ifttt is also shortening all links in the mails. This means they know which links I have clicked and I didn't need that. Some links even failed to redirect and I was left at Ifttt with a message that the link didn't work.

This must be one of the must frustrating experiences a developer can endurre. I laughed through the entire video when he tries to write code through speech recognition.

A good intermediate developer needs less supervision. They can be trusted to raise issues of code design, and play a valuable role in design discussions. They are also the “workhorses” of the dev team. However, further mentoring and higher level supervision is still vital.

by Matt Briggs

I'm an experienced developer, with lots of baggage. But reading this broad generalization I'm still an intermediate developer and I'm fine with that. There are still much to learn.

I’ve seen millions of people claiming that public fields are evil, so they make them private and provide getters and setters for all of them. I believe this is almost identical to making the fields public, maybe a bit different if you’re using threads (but generally is not the case) or if your accessors have business/presentation logic (something ‘strange’ at least). I’m not in favor of public fields, but against making a getter/setter (or Property) for everyone of them, and then claiming that doing that is encapsulation or information hiding… ha!

by Pablo Fernandez

Paths of Hate

I came across this short film and I really enjoyed the visual style and effects. It is about 10minutes long.

My current job at Tangora Software A/S is soon comming to an end. It been more than five years since they hired me.


I've cleaned up some of my accounts an this time I quitted Twitter, Instagram and Google. I've been using these platforms for some times now and I came to realize that they weren't giving me anything at all.

PIWIK - rolling my own analytics tool

PIWIK is my opportunity to roll my own analytics tools and stop relying on the mighty Google Analytics. The tool is based on PHP and MySQL as every other free webservice almost is. And as every web hosting today in Denmark is serving PHP and MySQL, then why not.

Jeg fik aldrig anmeldt alle øl i mine ølkalender for 2014, så her kommer der lige en lille opsummering af min generelle oplevelse. Dem der havde set frem til at få alle øl anmeldt må jeg hermed skuffe.

Sending a SMS and get it displayed correctly on the device shouldn't be a concern for the end programmer when using a SMS gateway, but it is. When using ClickATell's API you have to tell it that you are sending unicode characters and encode it in HEX too.

Dobbelt op på sagerne

Jeg er kommet lidt bagud med ølsmagningen, derfor dette lille opsamlingsheat tripel og noget julet.

Jule Hyg'

Jule hyg' er endnu en øl fra Refsvindinge og indtil videre den svagest øl, det er den dog ikke blevet ringere af.

Halvmånen i Brügge

Årets første øl i min ølkalender er en Brugse Bok fra De halve maan i Brügge Belgien. Det er ikke en øl jeg er bekendt med, dog har jeg efterhånden drukket en del belgiske øl og jeg ved hvad jeg kan forvente.

Min ølkalender 2014

Jeg har gjort mig fortjent til en pakkekalender i år. Sidste gang jeg fik en var det min kone der besluttede jeg skulle have en. Det kunne jeg ikke byder hende denne gang, så jeg bestilte den udefra. Det blive fra det lille websted, kendt som Ølhandleren.

Vim Poem

This is my .vimrc. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My .vimrc is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My .vimrc, without me, is useless. Without my .vimrc, I am useless. I must edit my .vimrc true.

Courtesy of @benfrain

Pocket - Autopost to Twitter via IFTTT and Buffer

I have a pleasant setup for saving articles from Twitter for later in Pocket, adding tags to articles. Reading the articles and marking them as read in Pocket. When marked as read there's a trigger in IFTTT which adds the read article to Buffer which then post my read article back to twitter with my hashtags applied. I will not go into the basic of all the services, that is for you to explorer.

My first python script! Woohoo to me! I'm working with a file and using a for-loop. It is crazy.

Thoughts about NemID versus Payment gateways

I've been working with implementing NemID, since 2010 and it has alway baffled me why DanID are doing it the way they do. I will not discuss the bad or good descision when it comes to JAVA or the centralization of the service, but merely compare it to how we pay for our goods on a online shop.

Hello there. Welcome to my blog. This blog will contain subjects about programming, code and nerdy stuff in general. Best of luck to us all.