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Feed to mail [UPDATED]

It's been a month since I [posted]({% post_url 2015-11-01-feed-to-mail %}) the initial version of feed2mail.python and now I have some updates for you.



It is now possible to aggregate your feeds by the hour. And get the feed sent to you several hours every day. Say you have a news feed which is very active and you don't want an email every time there's a new post. You can now define on which hours you want en aggregated email ex. at hour 07, 12 and 17.

The aggregated email contains an index with a link to anchor on the entry. You should think that a named anchor would work in all email clients, but No! The email client which supports the most CSS and markup, the Apple Mail, does not support any form of anchors and I cannot get my head around it. Why would they not support anchors? But guess who supports anchors? Yeah, that's right Outlook and surprisingly Gmail does too, but on named anchors. Id anchors are a no go for Gmail.

Email client have once again proved that "rich" emails are a pain in the ass, even simple ones.

Entry handling

Several feeds contains an enclosure tag, which is a list of attached media. Images, document, video and so on. Now the enclosures' comes with a link to the media and a mime type. This parsed and changed to a corresponding HTML tag. Ex. images are converted to a IMG tag. Documents are just wrapped in a A tag and trying to do fancy stuff videos are wrapped in a VIDEO tag. I though this would be a good idea. An email with en embedded video, at least this should work in the Apple Mail, but again I'm disappointed again. The client shows a nice placeholder and a play button, but nothing happens.

Small change

  • There's a config.ini for all your configuration needs.
  • Buffer gets trimmed
  • Created a launch agent for OSX
  • Ignore entries with dates older than current date

SMTP challenges

This has been the most challenging part. To get the mails sent, from my own server. I have dynamic IP from my ISP and I want it to stay that way, no need for a static IP. I started using the SMTP server from my web hotel. This ended quickly they locked the email account until I changed my password. So this was a no go because this would happen fairly often.

Then I tried my ISP SMTP server. That went okay for a couple of weeks. There were dropouts in the mail delivery, but it worked. Then suddenly mails stopped flowing with no warning. Changing password on the mail account I was using didn't help. Now I'm trying to send through my account to see how long that will last.