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When I was young and still studying, an old friend and I attended The Meltdown 2002 demo and lan party at Skive Handelsskole. And the weeks up this event we prepared this demo in his dorm room.

I remember having a lot of fun creating this demo and when we submitted the demo we didn't know If we had any chance of winning. Some of the other groups attending were very talented and showed some great techniques and had good storytelling. I think it caught us by surprise that we won, but the crowd had us as the chosen ones.

You can decide for yourself what you think of the demo, but now I think it's goofy and should not be taken seriously at all. That might be the one thing that won over the crowd.

This is the demo we created and I have converted from Flash to MP4 for your convenience.

At the time it was created with Macromedia Flash and I also think the models was created in 3D Studio Max.

You can watch my Elbo demo I made on the spot at TDM 2002.