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Mere bevægelse

Jeg er begyndt at ville bevæge mig mere end jeg normalt gør. Jeg har i mange år cyklet til og fra arbejde. Typisk har der været ca. 5km hver vej og det tager omkring 20 minutter at cykle turen. Pulsen kommer lidt op, men kun hvis jeg vil det.

Mars sucks

Mars sucks

Mars sucks. Its weather sucks. Its distance sucks. Its atmosphere sucks. The little water it has sucks. It has sucked for billions of years and will suck for billions more. You know what doesn’t suck? Me. Earth. I have life. I have vast oceans and lush forests. I have rivers to swim and air to breathe. But the way I’m being treated, that part sucks. You use me and pollute me. You overheat me. You use every resource I have and return very little back from where it came. > And then you dream of Mars. A hellhole. A barren, desolate, wasteland you can’t set foot on fast enough. Why not use some of that creative energy and billions on saving me? You know, the planet that’s giving you what you need to live right now. Mars can wait. I can’t.

— Earth

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When I was young and still studying, an old friend and I attended The Meltdown 2002 demo and lan party at Skive Handelsskole. And the weeks up this event we prepared this demo in his dorm room.

About taking risks

I stumbled upon this quote which really resonated with me in my current situation and the direction my life might take.

A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what ships are built for

— author John Shedd