Super Rune Random code and web stuff

Elbo demo

When I was young and still studying an old friend and I attended The Meltdown 2002 demo and lan party at Skive Handelsskole. And I created a small demo on the spot at this event and won.

It is time that my personale website moved into this decade with dark mode support and continuous integration and continuous deployment. This enables me to writes post from my mobile phone and every where. This might bring more short posts to the site.

In my spare time I try to optimize my work day as Product Owner and this involves gathering a lot of data about the lives of my work items and try to visualize this in different diagrams and this often involves a date period or date range. And I was getting tired of writing from_date and to_date when parsing arguments to my programs. So I switched to a shorthand notation and found my self needing a parser.

Epic vs features vs user stories

Når vi taler om Epics, Features og User Stories giver det for mig mere mening at tale om dem som forskellige emner der sammen genererer value til vores kunder.