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New feed link

Just a heads up. I’ll be changing feed url to feed.xml from atom.xml soon. Github Pages are now supporting the jekyll-feed plugin. There are both a summary and a content field in the new feed. Nothing changes other than a more rigid feed generation.

Feed to mail

A while back I started getting anti social and move all my news reading back to feeds and sent them to my email. I used Ifttt for this. It is a pretty good service for getting feeds into your mailbox. You can set up daily or weekly digest of a feed or you can just send a feed entry to you mail when is it posted. But what didn’t work as well were the mails I received eg. I can not change the layout of these mails. Ifttt is also shortening all links in the mails. This means they know which links I have clicked and I didn’t need that. Some links even failed to redirect and I was left at Ifttt with a message that the link didn’t work.

I'm an engineer

Just a funny song with a catchy chorus

Frustrating Speech Recognition

This must be one of the must frustrating experiences a developer can endurre. I laughed through the entire video when he tries to write code through speech recognition.

Still an Intermediate Developer

A good intermediate developer needs less supervision. They can be trusted to raise issues of code design, and play a valuable role in design discussions. They are also the “workhorses” of the dev team. However, further mentoring and higher level supervision is still vital.