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Frustrating Speech Recognition

This must be one of the must frustrating experiences a developer can endurre. I laughed through the entire video when he tries to write code through speech recognition.

Still an Intermediate Developer

A good intermediate developer needs less supervision. They can be trusted to raise issues of code design, and play a valuable role in design discussions. They are also the “workhorses” of the dev team. However, further mentoring and higher level supervision is still vital.

Getters and Setters are highly overused

I’ve seen millions of people claiming that public fields are evil, so they make them private and provide getters and setters for all of them. I believe this is almost identical to making the fields public, maybe a bit different if you’re using threads (but generally is not the case) or if your accessors have business/presentation logic (something ‘strange’ at least). I’m not in favor of public fields, but against making a getter/setter (or Property) for everyone of them, and then claiming that doing that is encapsulation or information hiding… ha!

Paths of Hate

I came across this short film and I really enjoyed the visual style and effects. It is about 10minutes long.