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Programming sucks

So no, I’m not required to be able to lift objects weighing up to fifty pounds. I traded that for the opportunity to trim Satan’s pubic hair while he dines out of my open skull so a few bits of the internet will continue to work for a few more days.

PIWIK - rolling my own analytics tool

PIWIK is my opportunity to roll my own analytics tools and stop relying on the mighty Google Analytics. The tool is based on PHP and MySQL as every other free webservice almost is. And as every web hosting today in Denmark is serving PHP and MySQL, then why not.

Opsamling på ølkalender 2014

Jeg fik aldrig anmeldt alle øl i mine ølkalender for 2014, så her kommer der lige en lille opsummering af min generelle oplevelse. Dem der havde set frem til at få alle øl anmeldt må jeg hermed skuffe.

Using ClickATell to send unicode SMS

Sending a SMS and get it displayed correctly on the device shouldn’t be a concern for the end programmer when using a SMS gateway, but it is. When using ClickATell’s API you have to tell it that you are sending unicode characters and encode it in HEX too.