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Reading Every Day

Reading Every Day

I've set a goal that have I should read 10 minutes in a book every day. It it not much but it all counts.

I read a lot every day but I don't read many books and I wanted to read more books.

The reason to read more books is to have another source and ressource for all the knowledge I consume but I also want to add more fun into my reading. And to achieve that I will read more fiction.

I have also decided on some reading strategies.

  1. I do not need to read all pages in a book. It is OK to skip pages or even chapters if they are boring.
  2. I do not need to complete the book if it not for me and I will remove it from my reading list.

These two rules applies to both fiction and non-fiction. One of the goals is to read more fiction than non-fiction because I consume non-fiction all day and this would be a nice break.