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How to fix LEGO games with no sound with DxWnd

How to fix LEGO games with no sound with DxWnd


I am having trouble getting the sound to come out of my living room TV from the PC I have hooked up to it. And the solution is this little wonder progam called DxWnd.

I love the LEGO games and playing them from my couch alone or with my significant other. And I'm also moving away from the console platform for playing games to the PC and have hooked a PC up to my living room TV.

The problem

This particular LEGO game is The LEGO Movie game, which is not sending any sound through my HDMI cable and out throuhg my TV speakers. The HDMI could be connected to a stereo and you still wouldn't get any sound. Why you ask?

Well it seems that the game when running in fullscreen defaults to sending audio through the main audio port on the mother board. Even if I in Windows 10 disables the speaker device, the game just assumes that no audio device is available and moves on.

Deactived sound device

The solution

I had some experience with this before and the solution were to run the game in question in window mode instead. For example this works for the great game Limbo which also have no sound in fullscreen.

But The LEGO Movie games does not come with a built-in option in the settings menu to run the game in window mode. Well, what now? Another dead end?

After some duckduckgo'ing, some one pointed at this little program called DxWnd. All is does it taking over the runtime of game and then runs the game in the disered windowed resolution.

It is pretty basic to get going. Just check the "Run in Window" and push the "Try..." button and you're of with the gloriuos The LEGO Movie sound and now able to enjoy the game in its full.

My settings for The LEGO Movie

If you like, you can download my configuration and import into DxWnd.

Happy gaming!